Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some more giveaways!

Etsy It UP! always has really cute giveaways all the time. Here's one for a $25 gift card. The giveaway ends June 26th and has 7 comments so far. Now, ususally Etsy It Up! has a lot of comments, but I will be honest I've won giveaways with over a hundred it's possible if not as often as a low comment giveaway. Today she's doing a giveaway every hour. So much to go check out! So have some giveaway fun today! Go. Enter. Win.

I think that what this company is doing is pretty cool. That's why I wanted to share this giveaway with you! Eco Salon is giving away this t-shirt. Go and check it out. I didn't see a giveaway end date, but there are only 5 comments. Go. Enter. Win.

I love movies! Anyone else? Good, because I found a Dear John dvd giveaway I thought you should know about over at An Island Life. I didn't see an end date, but there are only 23 comments so far. Go. Enter. Win

I've seen a lot of giveaways, but none for $80. I checked out their on-line store and $80 can buy you a lot of stuff! This giveaway ends June 25th and there are 60 comments so far. Go. Enter. Win

Thursday, June 17, 2010

*Shirt dress pattern giveaway*

So truthfully I can only sew with the help of my mom. But I did buy a ton of material that is just lying around screaming for me to use. A shirt dress would be perfect! Life on an Urban Homestead is giving away this vintage pattern. Go. Enter. Win.

The giveaway ends June 2oth. There are only 3 comments.

Kiss the Groom *A lovely giveaway*

I think the title to this post sums up this giveaway...lovely. Kiss the Groom makes makes me wish for more of the beautiful things in life and so does this giveaway. I seriously love this blog. She said she'd pick a winner at the beginning of next week. There are 117 comments. Go. Enter. Win.

I'm back!

I know, it's been FOREVER! I've been completely horrible at blogging. In the last few months we've been through a move, surprise pregnancy (accompanied by horrid morning sickness), travels, family and the works! So, my dear, dear followers FORGIVE ME...please :) And here's a giveaway you should know about!

One of my favorite roommates from college started a blog Francy X to sell her jewelry and is having a giveaway to help kick things off! The giveaway ends June go check it out! She's having three different pieces of jewelry that she's giving away. There are only 3 comments so far. Go. Enter. Win.