Tuesday, October 19, 2010

*Don't Blame Me...* Jewelry giveaway!

Don't Blame Me... is having a jewelry giveaway! The jewelry she makes is simply fabulous! There are only 2 comments so far. Head on over and give her some commenting love! Giveaway ends October 22nd. Go. Enter. Win.

Best giveaway yet!

Seriously, this giveaway is truly one of the best giveaways I've run across! You have to love her backgrounds and free goodies, but you'll also be a huge fan of her giveaway!

Shabbyblogs is filling a box full of her favorite shabby finds! A WHOLE BOX full of adorable shabby goodness to add to your own collection. Sweet, right? Go and read her post...this giveaway is for a good cause that takes just a minute! This giveaway has been up for almost two weeks and only has 32 comments! I still can't believe there aren't more! Go. Enter. Win.

I've been just a little busy :)

Hello wonderful Giveaway Central followers! I've been a little busy lately. Here are some things I've been doing:

1. Going on a big family vacation before school starts.
2. My daughter starting kindergarten!
3. My son starting preschool (they grow up too fast!).
4. Lots of game nights with friends and family.
5. Trying to figure out the details of going back to school next semester.
6. Last but not least having my baby boy on 10-10-10! Isn't that the coolest birthday ever?!?

I have a few amazing giveaways to share with you. So I'll get to it!